Twenty something mum from Manchester on a sleepless adventure with twins!

Writing this blog for fun! nothing serious here.

Here are my ’20 facts about me’ from my Instagram post. You might not give a shiny one, but it’s nice to talk about me and not about what I found in the twins poo for once. 

1. I have an obsession with made beds. If my husband gets out before me (rare) I have to make his side, then get back in.

2. I also always change my bedding when I’m hungover. Even if it’s been changed the day before.

3. I normally have a shower when I’m drunk.

4. I was once on songs of praise.

5. I’m a proper girls girl but I love football and I also work in construction.

6. I ran the Edinburgh marathon 3 years ago and I’m not sure I’d do it again in a hurry.

7. I’m pretty much always happy ! 

8. My grandma discovered my ancestors were romanies from the UAE. Hence my wobbly nose, olive skin and obscene amount of hair.

9. I don’t really watch TV. I’d much rather listen to music.

10. I really love all things crafty and my Dad is an actual real life Artist (he’s not banksy though). And we call him a piss artist most days.

11. My husband once bought me a mop for christmas.

12. I once pulled out of a side street infront of the ACTUAL QUEEN in her Land rover whilst using my mobile phone (excuse me I was 19 and stupid). It didn’t go down well with the policemen.

13. Only recently have I seen the most amazing film to grace my life ever – LALALAND.

14. I take real offence over Reebok classics and half mast jeans.

15. One time, I went to “kiddy Atlantis with big frizzy hair and bad shoes, and whilst walking past a group of young chavs I heard “Ruth, Ruth” I said to my friends “oooohhh, who knows me ?” Turns out they were shouting “woof woof” 😂.

16. Somebody once told me I had “the legs of a Ferrari, but the face of a punto”. True story 😂

17. As above, I just don’t take life seriously. I try and find humour, love and light in everything!

18. <insert something about being a mum here> I absolutely love being a mum.

19. I once caught Jordan watching a naughty film because he left his phone connected to the house Bluetooth speaker.

20. I won miss Newquay wet t-shirt 2007 and I intend on adding it to my CV. (My sister grassed me up to my dad too).