We’ve survived 2 years! HURRAH!

Hello there! Sorry for my absence… I went missing in action in my utility room shortly after Christmas, underneath all the laundry.

So the twins turned 2 this weekend. I want to take credit for birthing them at the end of March like a champ, because every year they will receive 1,078 Easter eggs to go with their Birthday presents. You’re welcome boys, Mummy did it on purpose. Downside is that we still have 1,075 eggs in the house and I’m already the size of a baby hippo.

I thought I’d share their birthday tale, a few funny things that they do now they’re 2 and also my experience of moving them into big boys beds.

Back in my hypothetical parenting days I used to imagine their birthdays as being such a fun family and friend filled affair, ft the great outdoors, bunting, strawberries, champagne. It couldn’t have been further away from that. Firstly, why is it so bloody cold in March? We all stayed huddled in doors like hermits with the heating on 20. I forgot to hang the bunting, every time I poured myself a drink it was either A. knocked over by a child (including Jordan) or B. I forgot where I had put it and had to pour another (I found one in the downstairs toilet a few days later). My poor carpet is still suffocating from crushed walked in pringles and I’m STILL finding pieces of lego and wrapping paper in places I didn’t even know guests/the twins/Jordan had been (the U-bend for instance). I have absolutely no idea who has bought them what because the terrible two opened them before I even had chance to see the tags, So thank you to all those who bought my babes a gift – We really appreciate it and we will get round to sending out thank you cards in 2032. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that we had 4 parties – my little Lord Fontleroys have a bigger birthday than the Queen herself. So in a nut shell, I’m more tired than usual, I have acne from all the boozing (worse than Christmas) and I’m skint. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS.

As for their twin-isms at 2. Does anyone else have a toddler who refers to themselves in the third person? It makes me laugh so much! Who do you think you are Freddie Parnell? They also pronounce certain words as swear words. for instance “crisp” is “piss” (embarrassing if you’re in a supermarket) At first I thought they were referring to my loose pelvic floor but it seems that, infact, they just want a bag of quavers. It’s finally time to stop swearing also after William repeated “bugger” after me last week. I have a friend who’s little boy shouts “FUCK” so it could always be worse (Syd Lowick I’m looking at you hun). For any other twin parents reading this I’d like to add that I’m finding this stage awesome! Don’t get me wrong they run you ragged, but it’s so much easier than the baby stage – you can actually reason with them now – “William go back to sleep and you can have some tangfastics at 7am” easy peasy. **disclosure, make sure they’re going to nursery if you give them tangfastics at 7am**.

Ok! onto the bed situation. I wrote recently on my instagram that we have had an easy time of it. I appreciate not everybody has an easy ride, however, I thought I’d share our experience none the less. So the hardest part for us is the fact that IKEA DON’T INCLUDE BED SLATS IN THEIR STUPID FLAT PACK TODDLER BED so I had to make 2 trips to Ikea, Warrington after work. Like seriously who WOULDN’T need slats?? Swings and roundabouts though – I got 2 meatball meals. We put the twins in their new room and let them play around for a while. After we said night night we sat outside their room until they fell asleep. There was alot of “go back to bed” for around half an hour but that has been it! They’re actually sleeping better and staying in bed longer in the morning.

We’re venturing to Padstow in a couple of weeks for a little family holiday in a TWIN FRIENDLY (who knew) lodge! I will update after that experience so long as I’m still alive.

Lots of love

Ruth xxx


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