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Wicked wicked Center Parcs massive!


We’ve just returned home from a long weekend in Center Parcs. A customer at work asked if I was going for a “dirty weekend away” and I can categorically say the dirtiest thing I saw all weekend was Freddie eating a piece of his own poo. (Even he was disgusted with himself. Maybe he thought it was choc choc?)

But we had such a good time. Center Parcs is basically made for everyone. I’ve been for some lairy weekends there with the girls (when we crashed the kids disco absolutely steaming wearing Hawaiian shirts at 8pm), a lovey weekend with Jordan (after we’d been dating for 8 week…yeh we think that’s weird too) and now with the kids. 5 key words which will sum up how awesome the weekend was are – SOFT. PLAY. IN. THE. PUB! Infact softplay everywhere! Softplay in the sports bar, soft play in the bowling alley, toddler friendly outdoor parks with slides that don’t scare the living shit out of a parent with 18m/o twins, sand pits, boats, ducks (lots of ducks QUACK QUACK), even the lock on your patio door is so high up to stop imposters escaping or letting a squirrel in (we had a very near miss – can you imagine the sheer carnage? ), the coffee table has round corners, yes ROUND CORNERS. If you’re a parent you will know this is the stuff dreams are made of. The cots and high chairs are all included and are tall enough to stop even a 7ft toddler escaping (Freddie). We had 4 kids all together in our 4 bed villa and there was more than enough room for them to trash the joint and also for them to be out of ear shot when things got a little wild at night (not that kind of wild, but cards against humanity and red wine wild). But the best part of center Parcs has to be the fact that no cars are allowed around the village. You can get out on your bikes at 7am (waking all your neighbours up) and cycle round without a care in the world. You can take them to the park on the 7am bike jaunt because you’re on your ‘olidiz and getting there so early means the adults can go on all the bigger kid parky bits too !

So in a grey squirrel nutshell we had a wonderful time at Sherwood Forrest Center Parcs, we played, gained a stone and spent quality time together as a family.

Big up to my lovely friends who came, saw and conquered a weekend with the twins ! We had such a lush time and we will definitely be back next year. ❤

Ruth xxx

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