Let’s go to nursery ❤


Me again 👋👋

So the twins started nursery last week and I’m still a little too emotional about it all. Just like any caring parent it took me bloody aaaaages to find the right germ ridden, deafening doss house for the twins to frequent/terrorise while I go for my weekly spa days at work. I particularly suffered the night before their first drop off – I hardly slept a wink thinking about what could go wrong on their first day. What if somebody is nasty to them and I’m not there to give them nasty looks and tell them that Santa hates them? (Like the time at soft play when a 3 year old told Freddie he had a big head). What happens if they manage to escape like they do out of their high chairs while I nip for a wee (Lou and Andy style)? What happens if they suss out that I’m actually going to work for a lovely relaxing day and subsequently grass me up to social services for being a crap mum? I was being a drama queen but at the time I had so much going through my head – after all, nobody can look after them as well as us mum’s.

The first morning quickly arrived (the nights never went that fast when I was doing the night feeds), their clothes, my clothes, back packs etc were all laid out like I had always imagined (This has already stopped btw) and I was ready to take on the day (plus my Saturday night adult headache had cleared). Obviously they both woke up in a terrible mood (they’re very much their fathers children) which was delightful for me because it only made me want to drop them off faster. The grand crescendo came as my first born stuck his finger so far up my right nostril and clawed me like a baby mole rat thus bursting my poor snozza all over my work clothes and light grey sofa. I quite literally lost my shit and put them both in the car half dressed just to have a moment and to listen to radio 1 coz I’m a cool Mom #meangirls. I think even Freddie and William were astounded to have left the house so early because they were quiet the whole way there. Maybe Freddie knew he had taken things a step too far with clawgate.

Logistically I didn’t think through getting both twins half dressed and out of the car together without a pram on my own but we managed to pull it off with minimal crying.

So here we are – their first day ❤ and what a wonderful day they had! They didn’t even glance back to watch me sneak out the room navy seal style. Of course I had tears when I picked them up and they’ve cried when I’ve dropped them off since but I believe that to be very normal (especially since they play me like a recorder).

I can only imagine what they will go on to achieve in the next few years. They’ve made me 2 x carnival masks already which I intend to use at next year’s carnival in Brazil – they are both very talented already at 16 m/o. Maybe the leading role in the nativity? Maybe using a fork in the correct manner and not as a weapon to stop other twin from nabbing chicken nugget? Maybe learning that it’s un couth to shout BOOBIES at my boobs in public. Who knows? The world is your oyster Freddie and William ❤❤

Will keep you guys updated.

Ruth xxx

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