days out with toddlers

Blackpool Sea Life Centre

Sealife Centre – Blackpool.

Admission –

Adults – £13 when you book online

Children under 3 – FREE ! HURRAH!

So a couple of weeks ago I took the twins to The Sealife Centre in Blackpool. Blackpool isn’t a place I visit regularly although it is literally 30 minutes door to door from my house. I spent so many summer days there as a kid off my head on sugar that I feel like I should really make more of an effort to go and re-create those memories with the boys (I think I’ll take Jordan though if I’m going to give them candy floss and hot doughnuts) #reprobates.

We parked behind the sealife centre on Bonny Street and paid about £4 for 4 hours. I’m pretty sure you can find cheaper parking elsewhere but this was a 2 minute walk and to be honest I’m pretty tired the majority of the time (No idea why? #twins) and I just CBA walking more than I have to.

The sealife centre is right next to the tower and Madame tussaudes so you could actually make a full day of it (I think they do a multi tickets which admits you to a few attractions). I would have totally taken them up the tower the same day but I was on my own and I’m just not that stupid.

We arrived around 11ish and it was really quiet (out of school holidays) so we went straight to the front of the queue and we were literally in the aquarium upstairs within minutes. *just a note, the lift is quite small and I only just got my Joie double buggy inside, So if you have a bigger pram like the bugaboo donkey then you won’t get up*. We were greeted instantly by the nicest lady ever – Imogen. She had kids and noticed I was on my own and started to help me heard my cats around the MASSSSIVE fish tanks. The twins were in their element they literally walked around with their mouths open the whole time. Imogen helped us right around to the shark tank as her microphone had broke she pretty much gave us a personal tour  – we felt like V.I.Ps ! They have a new Amazon themed section which had water falls, phiranas, the works ! It was Freddies favourite part because he got to wash his hands in the water fall (best day ever for Freddie). They had tarantulas and all sorts that you can hold but to be quite honest I didn’t fancy running after 2 toddlers carrying Giant African Millipedes. The Shark tank is towards the end of the tour and it is absolutely breath taking. You can walk through a tunnel and see them swimming over your head which is pretty much fool proof for pleasing your little ones. Imogen told us you can swim with the sharks if you’re stupid enough (joking) for £40 so I’m thinking of sending my husband because we’ve got quite a good life policy plan. (Again I am joking, you do it in a cage).

Having been to the Manchester Sea Life Centre on the twins 1st birthday I kind of knew what to expect but it did totally exceed my expectations. I found it to be really REALLY kid friendly – as in, I could let the twins run riot and I knew they were safe (they can’t get into the shark tank or the phirana tank although I’m sure they’d love it). I think it was more fun this time because they were both walking and alot more interested in the marine life too (they can do an amazing impression of a fish).

But seriously it was really really good fun! I’d recommend going and making a full day of good old Blackpool, eating all the chips, eating all the rock, seeing Vera from Corrie at the illuminations  (Is she still there?) And just having fun times with your family. You can hardly grumble when the kids are free, right??

Ruth xxx

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