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Well hello there!

Ahhh my very first blog post!

To be honest I’ve never really understood blogging until recently. I genuinely did just think it was a made up job for people who like to think they’re important. (Sorry, Zoella!) Now I’m giving it a go…not just because it’s cool but because it feels a bit like therapy when you write something honest to complete strangers.

Previous to the birth of my twins boys (back when I was a hypothetical mum), I used to imagine future scenarios of glam lunches with the girls – eating salad because I was almost back at my pre pregnancy weight after 4 weeks! Complete with a very quiet, cute baby in tow. Obviously there would be fit men (diet coke advert 1997) wolf whistling me down the street while I’m pushing my pram to puddle ducks because I was going to be “such a milf”, I’d go to the hairdressers and nail salon still and the baby would just be asleep in their car seat, I’d have so much time to do my hair and make up and of course I’d make an effort every day because a baby wouldn’t change ANYTHING. Infact I was going to have so much more ‘me’ time because I wouldn’t be at work. It was going to be FABULOUS.

One year in and it’s all a bit of a blur really. I don’t even get time to brush my hair. But I do try my best with a Mrs trunchpul mum bun (as above). So the idea behind this page is to share some hilarious stories, epic meltdowns (daily occurance) and honest moments. Just to hopefully give people some lols when you’re up doing the night feeds, alone, for the 17th time of the night (how are you not even bored of crying for milk!!????).

If you’re still pregnant…just stay inside your bubble – it’s much nicer in there !

Ruth xx

2 thoughts on “Well hello there!

  1. Love this Ruth!!
    I have no idea what parenthood is like but i love how you tell it straight!
    Will defo be following your blog and i already lol at your instagram

    Liked by 1 person

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